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We engineered a solution that makes a vehicle safe by separating the air in the front and back seats, while at the same time providing quality air to the back compartment via virus-grade filtration and ventilation.  Consumer research and experts in the transportation, mobility, and ride-hailing industries have confirmed our system is unique and solves the problem.


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Senior Care

Seniors face challenges finding safe & comfortable transportation to healthcare appointments.  Access to safe transportation also helps decrease social isolation.  Whenever you or a loved one needs a ride to essential appointments or social interaction, Edwards RideCare provides the safest transportation. As a highly active and social generation, you need safe and convenient ways to get around. We support your busy lifestyles and get you from one destination to the next - safely.


Whether hosting a corporate event, booking transportation to meetings or the airport, our team can accommodate all your needs. We are dedicated to the highest standard of quality, safety, and reliability. We offer…

  • Reliable, state of the art, patent pending equipment to ensure your safety and comfort
  • Knowledgeable and helpful staff to assist in scheduling and booking
  • Professionally trained and certified drivers
  • Airport Service
  • Privacy and confidentiality guaranteed
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Our highly professional private car  services will ensure you a truly enjoyable and safe personal transportation experience. Schedule your service by calling us at (800) 674-9816 or book directly through our website.

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Edwards Ridecare HEPA Airfilter

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COVID-19. Influenza. Whooping Cough. Tuberculosis.  The Common Cold. None of them stand a chance against the Edwards Safe Passage System (ESPS). We started with the basic premise that anyone entering a vehicle equipped with the ESPS can trust we have taken every measure possible to keep the little buggers from infecting others while in transit. The configuration of the components combined with the cleaning protocols we developed far exceed CDC guidelines and what other industry services offer.

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No platitudes. No gimmicks. Substance AND style. A key design requirement is to enhance the driver / rider engagement experience above and beyond anything else on the market. Separation of air spaces is a must – our design maintains clear vision and communication between the driver and the rider throughout the ride.  Controlled lighting, relaxing music & scenes, and route maps are all optional amenities to delight the rider. The icing on the cake is the comfort of knowing the rider compartment is always sterilized between each rider.

Covid safe transport

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Technology alone will not inspire safe and delightful consumer ride experiences.  Edwards RideCare’s uniquely orchestrated blend of just the right service and high-tech ingredients achieve the high standards riders and drivers demand.

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