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We engineered a solution that makes a vehicle safe by separating the air in the front and back seats, while at the same time providing quality air to the back compartment via virus-grade filtration and ventilation.  Consumer research and experts in the transportation, mobility, and ride-hailing industries have confirmed our system is unique and solves the problem.


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A Business Designed For Safe & Delightful Experiences

Senior Care

Driver & Rider

We inspire more active, vibrant, and healthy lifestyles.  


Whether living independently or with assistance, our riders:

  • Have control over their access to care 
  • Adhere to treatment schedules 
  • Socialize with our kind drivers 
  • Maintain independence 
  • Get out and experience the world! 


You can’t be exposed to viruses.  We virtually eliminate the risk of infection in our vehicles. 

Those of any age who have a compromised immune system simply cannot be exposed to infection – the results can be life-threatening. 

All other forms of transportation do not protect riders from air-borne & surface-borne germs, viruses, and diseases like we do.  



After conducting thousands of rides, we consistently see our clients in greater control of their health and time.  Why?  They know they have a safe, reliable, and enjoyable way to get to their routine appointments and other medical treatments.  That means better continuity of care and fewer last-minute cancellations. Everyday our clients use our service for: 

Eye  •  Ear  •  Dental • Chiropractic  •  Orthopedic  •  Physical TherapySurgery 

Our clients tell us how much their physical health has improved. Even those who still drive find relief from the stress that goes along with driving to medical appointments.


Sometimes you can't make everything on your "to do" list fit in with your hectic schedule. 

While you want to be there every moment possible for those in your care, the reality is that sometimes you need relief from the demands on your time. 

Now you have an option you can trust to provide safe rides for those in your care so you can spend your time together engaged in more meaningful and enjoyable activities. 

If you are a:  

  • Family Member Care Manager Conservator 
  • Guardian Nurse Social Worker 
  • Personal Care Assistant 

Trust that the Edwards RideCare team will take care of your loved one like you do. Want proof? Feel free to ride along and experience our service for yourself. 

Senior Living & Care Facilities

Two seniors walking out side in front of a facility

You are juggling so many spinning plates to keep your community running smoothly – transportation shouldn’t be one of them.  We created a unique program to produce holistic health and mental wellness outcomes for everyone in your facility while virtually eliminating risk


Have comfort knowing Edwards RideCare leads the industry in carrying the highest level of insurance in the industry to protect you should an adverse event occurUnder-insured, gig or freelance drivers do not. 

Financial Considerations 

 Decreased Insurance liabilities 

Reduced transportation costs 

Reduced staff oversight 

Simplify Operations

Edwards handles

Ride bookings

Driver recruitment

Vehicle maintenance & care

Expanding service area & schedule

You participate by: 

Reviewing & paying one monthly invoice 

Sharing resident feedback

Communicating programs & events 

Promoting expanded service to your residents 

setting a new standard of service and safety

Technology alone will not inspire safe and delightful consumer ride experiences.  Edwards RideCare’s uniquely orchestrated blend of just the right service and high-tech ingredients achieve the high standards riders and drivers demand.

Why take the risk?

Take Edwards.