Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you service business & general clients?

A:  Yes! We are a preferred carrier for discerning businesses concerned for the safe & high-quality transport of their senior executives, employees, and customers.


Q: Which cities do you serve?

A: Our primary service area includes Edina, Richfield, South Minneapolis, downtown Minneapolis, St. Louis Park, Golden Valley, Hopkins, Minnetonka, Eden Prairie, and Bloomington.  We are adding new cities on a regular basis.


Q: Which senior markets do you serve?

A: Our services are designed for transport of elderly clients from Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care (dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc.) communities. In addition, with the trend toward “Aging-in-Place”, our service has become popular for those still living at home.


Q: What medical markets do you serve?

A: We specialize in the safe transport of patients and out-patients on their way to and from medical procedures with special provision for immunocompromised conditions.   We also serve medical professionals with intermittent need for safe transportation.


Q: How can I trust your drivers?

A: All our drivers go through background checks, are certified with the state, and are required to carry commercial insurance. In keeping with our corporate culture, we also conduct in-depth interviews to make sure they share the company values of caring, compassion, and building enduring relationships based on integrity and mutual trust.


Q: How does Edwards RideCare charge for rides?

A: Edwards superior service is priced somewhat higher than Uber, Lyft, & Taxi Cabs but features much greater safety and a higher level of service.


Q: How does Edwards RideCare prevent transmission across different passengers to ensure every ride is COVID-safe?

A: Every driver performs a thorough, standardized deep disinfecting cleaning procedure between every ride. This includes disinfection of all surfaces, focusing on high touch contact points such as door handles, seatbelts, device screens, and more. Our primary goal is to enable safe passage for anyone, whether they are vulnerable, at high risk for severe symptoms, immunocompromised, or just want safe passage during the pandemic.


Q: What if I need special assistance for entering and exiting the vehicle?

A: All our drivers are specially trained to provide extra services for seniors including entering the community (as permitted) and aiding with walkers & portable wheelchairs, transferring into the vehicle, and making sure they get checked into their medical appointments upon arrival. Additionally, they are equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure a safe transition into and out of the vehicle.


Q: Do I need to tip?

A:  If you are happy with your experience and feel compelled to tip, you are more than welcome to do so.


Q: Can I book or schedule a ride on behalf of my parent, grandparent, or loved one?

A:  Yes! Our online booking and payment system makes it easy for you to schedule and pay for rides on behalf of a family member or loved one.


Q: Can a ride be scheduled on demand?

A: The best way to schedule a ride is through our online scheduling tool at least 24 hours in advance. We cannot guarantee driver availability for unscheduled rides, but if you have an urgent need, you may call (651) 728-4487 (local) or (800) 674-9816 to see if we can help.


Q: I have seen cars from other rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft have similar barriers. Why choose Edwards over these alternatives?

A:Plexi-glass sneeze guards don’t work. Our in-car technology is more than just a barrier - it is a state of the art, hospital grade HEPA air filtration system that provides virtually 100% blockage of contaminated air from flowing between driver and passenger. This allows for climate-controlled air to be safely sent to the rear cabin. Additionally, barriers are not standard practice in major rideshare companies, whereas with Edwards, you are guaranteed these safe passage measures for every single ride.


Q: How effective is the filtration system at stopping COVID?

A: We have done extensive testing with particles much smaller than COVID-19 or other contaminants which have shown to deliver 99.975% virus-free and bacteria-free air to the rider compartment. Once people are vaccinated and if COVID subsides, this will protect against other infections including influenza, tuberculosis, and the common cold.


Q: But how do you keep the temperature right in the rider compartment with the barrier in the way?

A: The central HEPA “Kiosk” unit contains the equipment necessary to maintain the right “cubic-feet-per-minute” (or CFM) from the vehicles front HVAC system to the rear compartment. At the rider’s request, the driver can adjust the air temperature to suit the rider’s comfort.


Q: What purpose does the tablet serve?

A: Your vehicle may have a tablet device mounted on the back of the front passenger seat. This tablet has sophisticated software that has several features. Currently, it provides useful information to the rider such as helpful reminders to buckle your seat belt & remember personal items, a sanitization log so you know when the cabin was last cleaned, soothing music and seasonal scenes, and a route-map with ETA. Many more future features are currently in development.


Q: Can I drive for Edwards RideCare?

A: We would love to have you drive for us. We are partnering with independent owner/operators and existing transportation companies who love driving, are anxious to increase their safety, ride volume, and want to run a profitable business! With our system installed in your vehicle(s), you can get back on the road again because you are protected from infection by passengers AND your clients will come back knowing they will not risk infection while in your vehicle.