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a business created out of covid

the beginning

As a prolific consumer of rideshare traveling the globe, Darrell discovered a broken industry.  With empathy toward drivers, Darrell set course to fix the core problem of the failed rideshare business model: driver income.  By combining innovative software (Artificial Intelligence, tablets, mobile devices, Cloud, IoT) with in-car hardware, a solution emerged during the course of 1000’s of in-vehicle consumer experiences to enable drivers to realize new revenue streams.  A second original core feature of the product, safety, became center stage when COVID arrived.  The Edwards Safe Passage System (ESPS) was developed to meet the new safety demands of consumers.

supporting health care workers

The Edwards RideCare leadership team takes great pride in personally transporting essential healthcare workers to their destinations while at risk to COVID.  We get in the trenches ourselves to deliver test rides for nurses.  Their feedback that our solution is hospital-grade gives confidence that our technology and sanitization protocols result in the safest ride available in the market today.

Edwards Ridecare HEPA Air filter
continuing to make it better

Our commitment is to continually innovate safe, delightful in-vehicle experiences that enable all drivers and riders to have total peace of mind while getting to their destinations. We enjoy a worldwide exclusive license to a No Code, Artificial Intelligence platform that allows us to quickly iterate new software capabilities that will achieve driver livable wages through “Commerce in the Car”. Senior citizens, patients, healthcare professionals, executives, and every consumer will enjoy safe and delightful rider experiences.


eight integrated global technologies

Edwards RideCare Technology
setting a new standard of service and safety

Technology alone will not inspire safe and delightful consumer ride experiences. Edwards RideCare’s uniquely orchestrated blend of just the right service and high-tech ingredients achieve the high standards riders and drivers demand.

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